20 October 2010

design a great halloween costume!

it's no secret that i love halloween. in fact, it's probably my favorite holiday. i'm sure that has a lot to do with the fact that fall is the best time of the year (don't you agree?), with leaves changing colors, trips to the cider mill, &pumpkin-spice everything! but aside from all of that, i love spooky things, dressing up in costumes, &of course, candy! one of my favorite things to do around this time every year is to plan out my halloween costume. i prefer homemade costumes over bagged store-bought costumes, any day! my boyfriend &i have gone as pirates on a number of occasions, but sometimes i like to mix things up a bit. this year i'm planning my costume for a zombie walk &a dance party. i won't reveal what my costumes are going to be yet, partly because i'm still planning them out, but also because surprises are way more fun!

here are some of my favorites, tutorials included! (gotta love instructables!)

yip-yip costumes, hilarious!

toddler-sized sock monkey (i love sock monkeys!)

thing 1 &thing 2 (perfect for twins! sorry, no tutorial!)

this one is too good to not add!

i hope that was inspiring! feel free to share any creative costume ideas you've seen!


  1. I want the gnome one so bad! Love them all.

  2. isn't he so cute!?! i just want to cheek him!
    speaking of gnomes, i need to get one of these gnome doors some day.. maybe one will move in? ;) http://www.catalogfavorites.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=R74981

  3. gotta love homemade costumes!
    and i really want that flintstones car! its so rad!

  4. That green army guy is crazy!! Thing 1 and 2 girls are cute!

  5. i am always amazed at how creative people are! this was great inspiration for next years costume!