14 November 2010

honored + lots of photos.

first, i have to apologize for the lack of recent posts. i've gotten caught up in schoolwork, like i often do! but i enjoy blogging, so i'm going to try to make an effort to do it more often.

friday night was the awards ceremony for the college of technology at my school. i was awarded with the norma &richard sarns scholarship, which is fantastic. this is my second year being a scholarship recipient, &it feels wonderful to be recognized for all of my hard work. i felt really special after hearing my professors talk so highly of me. my mom snapped a bunch of photos for me.

me with my certificate

interior design professors &i

group shot of honored interior design students &our professors 

matt, my awesome boyfriend, &i. <3 

it's hard to believe that the next big events will be the senior gala &then graduation! it's been a long time coming, but now, as the time grows nearer, it doesn't feel real! i'm excited, nervous, &a little sad all at the same time! (but not too sad! haha)

since i didn't do a halloween follow-up post with my costumes, i might as well do it now! i had a great time putting together my costumes this year. i was a corpse bride-inspired zombie for a zombie walk, and an owl on halloween. matt was a zombie surgeon both days. he had an iv pole with a saline iv drip that he colored red with food coloring, but unfortunately that didn't make it into any pictures. i loved doing something different &unexpected this year, since we've dressed up as pirates in most years past.

us after the zombie walk. i didn't bring my camera, since most zombies don't take pictures, but we were lucky enough to have our photo taken by another zombie with a camera phone. we used  a fabulous tutorial on how to use liquid latex to make our skin super creepy &zombie-like. i made myself a veil out of some tulle we had laying around, faux flowers i painted black with acrylic paint, &a hair clip. it looked pretty good! i used an old lacy housecoat i got at the thrift store for my dress, &sprayed it with watered-down black acrylic paint, to make it look like i've been crawling around. i bought a bouquet of black roses that i fancied up with some white lace i happened to have. overall, a pretty cool &cheap costume.

for my owl costume, i used a black dress i found at a thrift store as the base. i ended up modifying it a little for a better fit, then hot glued a bunch of 'feathers' to the front following this tutorial. i used another tutorial for the owl mask, both of which i shared in my previous post. matt used some surgical scrubs he scored when he worked at a hospital, &we followed the same latex tutorial we used above for the zombie walk. we had a great time! i'm so lucky to have a guy who has fun getting dressed up with me, because i absolutely love it!

a close-up of the two of us. matt makes a pretty good zombie! i was channeling the YA RLY owl. =) the mask made me look a little blind in my right eye though!

that's all for now! i promise to post again soon!