20 October 2010

design a great halloween costume!

it's no secret that i love halloween. in fact, it's probably my favorite holiday. i'm sure that has a lot to do with the fact that fall is the best time of the year (don't you agree?), with leaves changing colors, trips to the cider mill, &pumpkin-spice everything! but aside from all of that, i love spooky things, dressing up in costumes, &of course, candy! one of my favorite things to do around this time every year is to plan out my halloween costume. i prefer homemade costumes over bagged store-bought costumes, any day! my boyfriend &i have gone as pirates on a number of occasions, but sometimes i like to mix things up a bit. this year i'm planning my costume for a zombie walk &a dance party. i won't reveal what my costumes are going to be yet, partly because i'm still planning them out, but also because surprises are way more fun!

here are some of my favorites, tutorials included! (gotta love instructables!)

yip-yip costumes, hilarious!

toddler-sized sock monkey (i love sock monkeys!)

thing 1 &thing 2 (perfect for twins! sorry, no tutorial!)

this one is too good to not add!

i hope that was inspiring! feel free to share any creative costume ideas you've seen!

01 October 2010

my bucket list.

this isn't exactly design related, but it does have some design-related components! i was inspired by nicole's 30 before thirty list, &finally decided to make a variation of the list for myself. this is a way to visually recognize some goals i have, &to acknowledge myself after having met them. (plus, i just like lists &checking things off of them!) i'll keep updating this list when i come up with more goals &check off the ones i've met. 

without further ado, my bucket list (in no particular order):
- learn to do crazy hula hoop tricks
- take an aerial yoga class
- practice yoga loyally for at least a year straight, perfecting postures such as crane, tortoise, wheel, eight crooked limbs, scorpion, headstand, etc*
- *once completed, consider getting a lotus tattoo on [hopefully more defined] back
- stop eating ground beef, once &for all
- take a pottery class
- take swing dancing lessons with matt
- play djembe a whole lot more
- learn some songs &sing them with matt playing guitar
- learn how to play cello or violin
- finish decorating my walk-in closet!
- spray paint my file cabinet [then, organize it]
- refinish my old nightstand
- make an eames hang-it-all-inspired coat rack
- tidy up my website &make it look a whole lot cooler
- make some abstract paintings
- practice architectural hand drawing &rendering until it looks as good as candice olson’s work (HA!)
- get really good at adobe illustrator &in design
- finally finish my degree!!
- update my portfolio
- become NCIDQ-certified
- get my LEED Green Associate &LEED AP accreditation
- get more involved with CIDR
- intern with a cool residential designer
- visit designers I interned with in high school
- audition for HGTV’s design star
- open a home furnishings store with my uncle that offers design services
- get married &have a sweet diy wedding
- make a hot pink crinoline skirt to wear under my wedding dress
- live in a two-story town home in Lafayette Park in Detroit for at least a year
- live in an old house with a turret
- buy a house &remodel it!!
- make an official craft /sewing /drawing room
- trim cheap-o doors with moulding to make them look super classy
- make a tavern-y/pirate-y ‘man cave’ for matt in the basement of said house
- adopt up to 10 old, ugly, or otherwise ‘unadoptable’ cats to live in a ‘cat room’ /retirement center in my house
- grow a garden with more than tomatoes &cucumbers
- get some goats &maybe some chickens
- make copies of /frame important family photos, such as grandparents’ weddings, portrait of grandma c, portrait of grandpa t, grandma t’s nursing photo, nana &nanu with grandma c &her sisters, mom &dad as babies, dad as a baby with his easter bunny, mom &her brothers &sisters as kids on Christmas, etc.
- put books on bookshelf in ‘rainbow order’
- spin wool roving into yarn with my drop spindle
- learn how to use a spinning wheel to spin yarn
- make a rug out of old t-shirts
- complete the quilt I bought at treasure mart
- make a quilt using anna maria horner /amy butler fabrics
- make a baby quilt using old plaid button-down shirts
- make matt a ‘captain hook’ pirate coat
- make a jacket for myself using a vintage pattern
- make myself a ‘sailor’ dress
- finish my giant technicolor hexagon blanket
- create an art journal
- join a knitting [or another kind of craft] group
- make a couch out of a claw-foot tub
- mosaic a table with beer bottle caps
- make something with reclaimed wood
- refurbish the two bikes i dumpstered
- make some string art
- submit artwork for the dirty show
- make something out of paper mache
- make ‘oilcloth’
- embroider a pillow cover with may’s flowers on it
- make more collage art
- make a purse out of an old record
- make a notebook out of an old book or record cover
- make more knit ‘graffiti’
- take more ‘artsy’ photos with my camera
- get a ‘nifty fifty’ lens for my camera
- go urban exploring &take a ton of photos
- get dreads
- dye my hair pink
- cut my hair off [&into a severe a-line cut] &donate it
- get stocking seam tattoos
- go camping out west
- visit Italy &the rest of Europe
- visit Chicago again!
- visit mies van der rohe’s Farnsworth house in Illinois
- visit bleeding heart bakery in chicago
- visit Portland
- attend theatre bizarre
- attend music festivals other than dunegrass &farmfest
- buy a cool old VW bus [&convert it to biodiesel] or retro camper trailer
- volunteer with habitat for humanity
- blog religiously
- actually use my etsy shop to sell things
- get some good headshots taken of myself
- &maybe some sort of retro (pin-up?) photo shoot
- get a dollhouse (yes, seriously)
- buy a super cool retro one-piece bathing suit
- buy a molded plastic Eames chair
- buy a Barcelona chair [&maybe ottoman]
- buy a vintage retro starburst clock
- &a starburst mirror
- buy a retro chrome &formica dining set
- acquire some Syracuse meadow breeze china
- make fattoush salad from scratch [including dressing]
- have my grandma t teach me a bunch of her recipes
- finish the ‘a song of ice &fire’ book series
- redecorate my mom’s laundry room
- install a tile backsplash with matt in my mom’s kitchen
- come up with a design solution for the recessed wall above the foyer at mom’s house
- make mom a fabric-covered headboard
- recover mom’s green chair &/or matt’s recliner

wow, that's a lot of stuff!! =)