15 September 2010

some cool spaces.

 (credit: sorry, can't remember!)
check out this neat lego room! it has the green lego bases attached to the wall, so you can create anything your imagination desires. perfect for kids &adults who are big kids.. my brother would have loved this when he was litttle!

 (credit: things i like)
this is the perfect cat lady house! complete with catwalk so kitties fulfill all of their running, jumping, &climbing desires in a small space. hilarious &so cool. i especially love the tunnel!

(credit: commonhumans)
sweet 'x-ray' desk! this is what the creator has to say about it:  This is my home made x-ray light desk. My Dad and I made it from an old wall hanging x-ray back light that I found at a university surplus store. All we had to do was buy some wall brackets and mount it perpendicular to the wall and now I use it as a light table rather than an x-ray viewer! The light table really helps when I need to do tracing for graphic or interior design, every designer/illustrator should have one. I recently painted the wall to make my desk pop and now my work station is clean and complete! If you are wondering where store all of my stuff, I have a one drawer filing cabinet and a few storage boxes in my closet, most of my work is on the computer to reduce clutter. This shows the lights off. I uploaded another image showing the desk with its lights on.



  1. I think that this blog is just wonderful! I love interior design (as a hobby!) and enjoy lurking on design blogs and collecting photos of ideas to use one day :)

    Keep up the good work!


  2. kristen, aww, thanks! i'm glad you like it so far! i'm a huge fan of collecting inspirational photos on the interwebs. there's so much great stuff out there!

    xoxo nicole