20 September 2010

cats, cats, cats!!!!!

to most people who have met me at least once &know that i am a cat lady at heart, this shouldn't be surprising..

i was watching a youtube video on how to tie an ascot (i know, but that's a story for another time!), i spotted some sort of cat pop-art on the wall behind the said ascot-tier. so, naturally, i did what any other sane person would do, &paused-backed-up-paused-backed-up the video trying to find out more about this mysterious art piece.

(credit: expert village)

buuuut, that wasn't quite good enough. no, i had to figure out exactly what was going on with the rest of the canvas, so i skimmed through a couple more videos by the same 'fashion reporter' until, BINGO BANGO! i found it!!

(credit: expert village)

super cute, if i may say so myself. i'm inspired to make some cat pop-art for my wall!*

*for those of you less cat-inclined, you could substitute the cat face for your kid's face, or if you don't have a kid, your dog /neighbor /favorite food. whatever! it's not just the subject matter that counts (not that your kid isn't important!), but rather the repetition of shapes &color that really make a bold, graphic statement. think andy worhol. i wonder if he liked cats..

anyway, i promise i'll take a break from cat-blogging now, since this isn't a cat blog, although i can see how it could easily turn into one! =)

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  1. I cracked up so hard reading this, Nicole! Let me say that I see cat things here in Korea all the time and think of you EVERY single time. I'm holding off on getting you something until I am absolutely sure it's the right thing to get (there are just so many to choose from!). I saw this adorable cat bag that I KNOW you would have loved but there was a snag on it and they didn't have another...boo!